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Yana Life Updates 1.3
Good Friday everybody~! Akhirnya Jumaat yg penuh barakah datang lagi. Syukur alhamdulillah mendapat peluang untuk bangun dari mati yg sementara hari ini. Yana have to let this out.. Rasa tak tentu arah.. It's hard to keep a platonic relationship clean. I mean like, the temptation to just be friends with benefits or turning the platonic relationship into a real relationship is so great. But what makes it even more complicated is that the other person is attached / engaged / married / not looking for committed relationship. Sometimes Yana got a crush on someone, but cannot tell him coz of the complicated situation.. Then Yana terpaksalah pendam jer dlm hati.. Mlm2 nangis mengenang nasib yg mcm kentang ni.. Yes, sometimes I cry myself to sleep.. Coz of the loneliness.. Or just letting out the frustration.. So that i can wake up happy the next day.. There is always someone who will spoil my morning, but that is totally another story altogether.. Haha.. Yana going to get back... (more)

zechariah and elizabeth's

And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth (Luke 1:14). Stringing up Christmas lights is hard work, especially when you are on that ladder on a cold, windy day in December. But it's all worth it when evening comes- when you stand far enough back to take it all in, and then ... you throw the switch. Those bright lights bring such joy: a joy many of your neighbors will share too. Now Zechariah stands in the presence of the holy angel hearing amazing news. How wonderful it must be for Zechariah to hear that he and Elizabeth will finally have that child for whom they prayed so many decades ago. They will finally hold him in their arms, their long-awaited son. This child will be a source of great joy, ending their sorrow, disappointment and heartache. God even handpicks his name: John. It means "The Lord has shown favor." That favor is even greater than the conception of this miraculous child Elizabeth will soon bear;... (more)

Thinking out loud
It has been eons since I was last here... Ha! My usual opening statement. I have deleted all of my blogs, except this one, for basically some sentimental reason(s). I find this particular nook in cyber space a solace. I remember a couple of years ago when I came here to say goodbye to the most influential woman in my life... My mother. I remember other past instances when this blog served as the sounding board of my unsound mind... Here I find myself again, in this floating space, pouring out my thoughts through my fingertips.... Desperately trying to make sense of what's going on in my chaotic brain. As usual what I write here may be of no import to whoever unfortunately stumbles upon this not so hidden cove, but I welcome you anyway. Welcome to the most boring blog in cyberspace and I thank you for spending time and reading this far into my post. I must warn you though that whatever I write here may or may not make sense, depending on the current... (more)

Angela's Blog
The palm
" Wang Can clearly heard Pudong Airport transfer Dong Zhuo said a word, 'as long as the lonely feel right', this is what mean? No matter what Wang Can proposed, will have to see Dong Zhuo think fit, or anything. And so, as arranged by Dong Zhuo, but when the dispute or to fight, or to it all down the caged bird. "Good, good, good 上海包车." Dong Zhuo fan version of the palm 'Bang' sound shoot on the table, loud applause, a look of excitement. The red cheeks like a monkey's butt, red. Even if Dong Zhuo knew that Wang Can's words of flattery of the suspects, but Dong Zhuo is still like to eat like Viagra, very happy. This ass depends on what people shot, if the General Xiao louluo bootlick, Dong Zhuo also not rare? Who is Wang Can, who is the disciple of cai. And now, Wang Can's popularity did not lower than Cai Yong, and even has the possibility to cover the reputation of CAI yong. There is such a celebrity flattering, Dong Zhuo naturally happy. But happy happy, Dong... (more)

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